Muvi Studio allows Broadcasters, TV Networks, Studios and any virtually "ANY" Video Content Owner to launch their own branded / White label Multi-Screen OTT Video Streaming (Live & On-Demand) platform instantly! Muvi Studio takes care of everything including hosting, CDN, templates, player, DRM, payment gateway and maintenance, while you focus on your business.

Own your Brand Name

Muvi Studio allows you to own and operate under your own brand name No more take control of your own identity with Muvi Studio. Apps published onto app stores, are published under YOUR brand name and account, so your viewers see YOU and not Muvi Studio as a brand anywhere!

Own your Subscribers

Unlike 3rd party services, where you don’t own your subscribers or have access to their details, with Muvi Studio You own all the Subscribers and can access their details! This helps you directly contact your subscribers, understand their taste and sell to them directly! 

Own your Revenue

With Muvi Studio, YOU collect the revenue directly from YOUR subscribers using YOUR own Payment gateway, no more relying on 3rd party service providers to pass on the rev share to you or wait for settlement and settlement timelines!

Own your Content

Since Muvi Studio works on YOUR on brand and domain, you don’t license your content to anyone else but to yourself, No longer can 3rd parties dictate the terms of your business or own your content!

Own your Formats

No time and size restrictions, upload short or long duration, single or multiple videos, or episodes under a title (TV show format). Upload from your computer or Server. Upload MP4, AVI, MOV, VOB or any format that you have. YOU decide what type of content to have on YOUR platform!

Own your Business

YOU decide how much to charge for your content or keep it free, YOU decide the distribution restrictions (Geo’s) of your content. Muvi Studio Works silently in the background while you focus on your own business

Launch your VOD platform instantly!

Muvi Studio is the only all-in-one platform in the world which allows you to launch your own branded Multi-Screen Video Streaming (Live & On-Demand) Service in 1-Click instantly across Web, Mobile & Tablet, Smart TVs, Media Boxes, STBs and Gaming Consoles! No more embedding players, developing and configuring websites & CMS's, hiring or outsourcing to any IT Teams or worrying about tech support, maintenance and updates, ever! Let Muvi Studio handle everything, while you kick-back, relax and focus on your business.

Muvi Studio – Features

Just sit back relax and with 1-click, watch us cast a spell !

Your Own Domain

Use your own domain name. Get completely white labeled website. No mention of Muvi anywhere.

Launch Quickly

Launch is just a matter of few hours! Get your website up and running immediately and mobile apps in just 2 days.

Roku App

Launch your own Roku Channel / App!

Subscription (SVOD)

Muvi Studio supports Subscription or better know as SVOD. Accept recurring payments and offer free trials.

Pay-per-view (PPV)

Monetize your videos on Pay-Per-View (PPV) or also known as TVOD or Rentals.

HTML5 Player

Cross-platform, cross-browser and cross-device compatible HTML5 Player, supports AVOD, Subtitles and Dual Audio.

Multiple Payment Gateways

Integrate your Favourite Payment Gateway and accept money directly to your bank accounts!

Local Currency

Accept payments in US Dollars to Pounds, from Yuan to Yen or accept Bitcoins and Mobile Payments!

Video Metadata

Make videos discoverable on the web and on your platform


Block your entire site or just individual pieces of content/videos.


Hello, Hola, Bonjour, Olá, مرحبا, 您好, नमस्ते...Muvi Studio is Multilingual!

Cloud Hosting

Muvi Studio and all its platforms are hosted on the Cloud and provide for infinite scalability, traffic, views and stability.

Video Encryption

All videos stored on Muvi Studio follow 256 bit encryption protocol

Press Loves Us

Muvi Studio making news all over the world

Who is Using it?


Fierce 15 Winner

Muvi Studio, has been placed on the ‘Fierce 15’ list of top online video firms as the top ’Enterprise OTT’ platform, the list is compiled by Fierce Market’s online video arm FierceOnlineVideo.

Muvi Studio Nominated For TVB Everywhere Awards, Rubs Shoulders With Industry’s Best

Muvi Studio has been nominated for the newly introduced TVB Everywhere Awards in the ‘TV Anywhere Solutions: VoD/Catch Up And Mobile TV Provision’ category for the partnership in launching... Read more

Muvi Studio Launches iOS Apps For ISKCON With Support For Apple TV

The new iOS app for ISKCON VOD service is out! Read more

Live Streaming In Virtual Reality: Killer Tech or Damp Squib?

VOD services like Hulu and Netflix have begun producing TV content for VR-equipped viewers. Intriguingly, the push for this came from TV networks! This may just be the storytelling tool we’d all been waiting for. There’s also a distinct possibility that it may not be. Read more

Video Monetization Beyond YouTube : 4 Things To Watch Out For

For much of the time, YouTube has been the numero uno source for video monetization. Most of us have never even bothered looking beyond it and have been happy with YouTube because we probably thought that is the best we can get. How wrong were we? Read more

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